Tuesday, 20 January 2015

We Were There

I thought of skipping this anime due to lack of animation, but after reading some comments I went on with this anime. There is no anime even close to this one in terms of teen romance and problems. Most of us are in love with someone or is being loved by someone. We may have hurt them or made them happy. This anime is all that you need to know about boys or girls.
Yamo and Nanami

Monday, 19 January 2015

Best Animes of the year 2014

This year we had lot of animes. Most of them were awesome, and had really good animation. We can expect the same for 2015 since most of the second seasons are releasing. I was supposed to release this post sooner but accidentally deleted the article, so I had to go from the start all over again.

Here I am again before you with some best animes of the previous year which I think is perfect, all over in sense of comedy or romance or action or whatever. I selected these animes because they all had some uniqueness in them compared to other animes. I usually go for romance genera but this time I managed to put some action and comedy. Hope you like them all.