Sunday, 12 July 2015

Must have Android Apps for an OTAKU

These are the apps that I use the most. And these keep me up to date with the trends in the anime world. If you can find a best alternative share it with me. After all sharing is what internet is for.

Anime Notify

The first and important thing any Otaku must have is an anime notifier. Which will give you regular updates on new episode release so you can always keep up with your otaku friends. So after some searching I found this app on play store. It handles the job pretty well. Lot of ads and frequent crashing of the app is the only major problem. Although the problem has been reported by many, the developer is still not able to do anything about it. But still it give you timely updates. So never miss another episode again. Download Anime Notify from Play Store.


Next thing you will need is an anime watcher. Earlier there used to some good anime viewing applications available on play store but was thrown out due to policy issues. Animania is best when it comes to anime viewing applications. It has a descent UI and good stability. The app provides download options too. You can either watch an episode or download it. Although the app helps in watching and downloading, the video may lack in colour depth. I usually use it when I am not on my wifi, so this way I can keep my data usage under control to some extend. After all for best viewing experience you have to download the video from Kissanime. Not only that Kissanime provides different video resolutions to choose from and is pretty user friendly too. Downlaod Animania from here.

Manga Zone

 Every one like reading manga but the applications available are full of ads and is very annoying. But Manga Zone has better UI and no ads, which makes it the number one app for reading manga. You can mark a manga favorite and check back when new chapter is posted. Like other apps you have to download the manga first to view them. Download it from here.

BakaReader EX

For those of you who love reading Light Novel this app is a boon. It is a baka tsuki client. You will have a whole collection of translated Light Novels that are updated at regular intervals. Another best feature is that you will get the illustrations in high quality. The database include many famous series like Accle World, High School DXD, The Irregualr at Magic High, Champione, My Teen Romantic Comedy and many more. Download it from Play Store.

Pocket MAL

Next thing you will need is app that can keep tab on all the animes and manga you are watching. It's best you join any of the following communities Myanimelist or Hummingbird. I personally recommend that, you join Myanimelist because its simple and easy to use. MAL is only a client application created by an Otaku from Ukraine. The app not only keep tab on anime and manga but also Light Novels. The app gives a lot of information on up coming animes, the day it aired and a short synopsis of the anime. Hummingbird also has a client application but is not up to par with MAL. There is another alternative app for MAL ie Atarashi. Try both and choose which one suites you better. Download Pocket MAL from Play Store.

Anime Music

And finally a music app. There is no otaku who don't love anime musics. This app is a radio station receiver. It lets you hear about 50+ stations from Japan with out a hitch. Earlier it was named as Anime Radio but don't know why they change it to Anime Music.
You can do a quick search of the song playing now on google or you can simply record them and that to free of charge. The app allows you to bookmark or mark favourite, the stations you love. It also keeps a history on songs played too. The news tab in the app does what it means. News from anime world is published regularly. Other good feature of this app has an inbuilt equalizer for better music. Not but the least one more feature is that you can add the stations you love. Download Anime Music form Play Store.

All these apps are free and comes with ads but still they are the best available. I hope you loved them and like I said earlier, if you think there is better alternative for these apps let me known through comments so that I can use them too.

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