Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Emma A Victorian Romance

Love between aristocrats and commoners has been the best topic for dramas, novels and short stories of the Victorian era. Many stories and dramas have created based on this. Emma A Victorian Romance is not different in that aspect expect for the beautiful way by which it displays various emotions.

When I saw the cover for the first time I was sure that this anime will be great. Emma A Victorian Romance is an anime depicting the love story between an aristocrat and a commoner. The topic sounds simple but the complexity to create the emotions perfectly is the most difficult part. Sometimes I think this anime may be biographical, because of the style of narration and the reality that we feel when watching this anime. There is no episode which is squeezed in for no reason, all episodes are connected and are in tandem with one another. This anime is a fine example of the social culture of the Victorian era. The discrimination faced by the commoners and the attitude of the aristocrats towards the commoners is clearly expressed in this anime. A part from that this anime uses real places and incidents to make the story more realistic.

I wish to say some more about the anime but I don't want to ruin your fun. This anime is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all anime lovers. Please watch and recommend it to your friends.

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