Saturday, 23 May 2015

Spice and Wolf an Epic Anime (inc Light Novel)

First of all, I want to thank all those who recommended me to watch Spice and Wolf. And today I brought you the rest of Spice and Wolf. This anime is not just a typical anime presenting school life or the story of a hero or about magic or anything exaggerating like in other animes and yet it swells up all the emotions in ones heart.

Animes like Spice and Wolf are pretty rare to find and are hardly produced now a days. Anyway I am glad that I watched it. The naime is an adaptation of Light Novel Spice and Wolf by Isuna Hasekura. A total 17 volume of epic novel.

The sotry of beautiful and intimidating Holo and a typical travelling merchant Lawrence is heart warming. The story revolves on their journey together to find Yoitsu, the home land of Holo and how their relationship progresses in all those difficult times they faced together.

Its sad that this anime was put to halt on the second season may be due to low budget or may be due to lack of viewers. Action, Gore  animes are gaining popularity and I don't know what's good about such animes. Its ones interest to watch such animes and I am not to judge what others do. Its okay to watch animes with gore and action but its important to watch animes that have value.

The best part of this anime is once you watch it, you feel like you are part of the anime and have
known Holo and Lawrence personally for a long time. More than them you want them to be together.The story feels natural and one never feels any lag till the end (both the anime and the novel). The story flows own like a smooth stream of honey. The only way to know further about Holo and Lawrence is through the LN. I had to suspend all my activities to read this story. Now after reading I want to share my happiness with you all. Surely if made into an animation movie this story can be nominated for the Oscar. Its just that good.

Its a waste that kids these days are hanging on to gore and action stuffs, rather than something that has goodness in it. There are good animes that instill good qualities in people. Its sad these anime are not given proper welcome by the Otaku community. Humans can never completely express their feelings in any form but I hope who ever reads this article just try watching this wonderful anime.

As I told you earlier this anime was halted at second season and the rest of the story is in Light Novel form, so I have managed to collect all 17 volumes in pdf form and I am happy to share it will all of you. Those of you who have already watched this anime and have also read the Light Novel please share your experience with others and recommend this anime to others.

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Spice and Wolf an Epic

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