Sunday, 8 November 2015

Noragami Aragoto

Don't know how many of you are following this series. Since I didn't find much post about the anime in social medias I came up with this article to inform others. This was a much awaited anime among otakus. And I am glad to say that this anime kept the feel in this season unlike certain other animes.

It's been a while since I last posted on this blog. There was a big re arrangement in my schedules since I started working from last month on-wards. And I barely had any time for blog, anime or for hentai. I started thinking to quit the job but that will end up me being kicked out from home. So all I can do now is to bear with it.

This anime has a good story line with well developed character set. Every episode is continues from where the previous ended. Like the previous season the anime managed to impress us with a great plot. This time the anime features Bishamon and her agonizing experience with Yato.

The anime managed to adhere with its native comedy style like the previous season. Overall this season is worth watching. This anime is recommended for all those who like action and comedy genera the most. This is a must watch anime for all anime lovers.

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