Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Best Sad Animes Ever

Tear Jerkers are the best when it comes to anime's. A lot of people have asked me for some great yet tragic romantic anime's. Considering their requests, I am posting this article. These anime's will make you think about what Love truly is. Depression are common after watching these anime's. Hope you recover from them soon.

Esdeath and Tatsumi Final Moment from Akame Ga Kill
  • White Album
Unlike other anime this one is quite mature. Love can some times give you the worst pain of your life and you start to think dying is much better than living in hell. This anime is going to make you feel something similar. You get involved with the characters so much that you don't want them to be separated. More than the characters you will find it hard to see them separated or their life getting ruined. Some of you may find this anime an emotional torture. The animation may lack but trust me if you want to get a jolt then its a must watch. The anime has two seasons, White Album and White Album Second Season.

                                      White Album 2 is adapted from White Album with improvement in animation and story. Note that White Album 2 is not the second part of White Album its an entirely different story. This anime will give you the same pleasure you got for White Album. After watching this anime you will some what understand what we must never do in any relation and what we must do in a relation.

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  • Nana
What happens when we seek true love? What we do when we are broken? Most of these things happen without much thinking. Hence the saying 'Love is Blind'. Girls are the most who suffer in a relation (There are always exceptions). This anime gives you a detailed info on what a girl undergoes when she is in love, when she is betrayed and when she think, she finally found her true love but her inability to make it happen due to certain circumstance happened in the past. Can a girl mend what she has done or can she get a life she desired for? This anime depicts these emotional turmoil faced by Nana the protagonist of the story. The best part is this anime has some really cool OP's you gonna love.

                               Some time we sympathies with Nana and some time we curse her. We question ourselves is this a girl. Boy's don't get too mighty. Think about it what would you do if situation favors. This story can be considered a good lesson on RELATIONSHIP. There are time you will get depressed, you feel like your heart is going to break so basically this is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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  • A Town Where You Live
There are always times when we hurt the one who loves us the most. Loving someone means giving pain for some others. Some times you end up destroying their life. Love is delicate but has razor sharp edges. Sometimes the wounds form those cannot be healed. One has to be extremely clear about a relation. A half baked attitude will end up in tragedies, and some time's become anime's like this. Hope you enjoy this anime. Good luck this is not a tragedy like the previous ones.

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  • The Eternity You Wish For
This anime is similar to 'A Town Where You Live' only the presentation is different. There are times when you have to sacrifice some thing to get some thing and also times when you come to a stop unable to move on. This anime presents variety of emotions. Emotion of a boy who had to help his best friends girlfriend from falling. Emotions of uncertainty in love, whether he love me or some body else.

Listen friends all these animes require a warm up time before you finally begins to enjoy it. Some people skip animes at that point and miss out on watching some great animes. I have given only a vague idea how these animes are. I don't want to spoil your suspense by writing a synopsis for these animes. I want to hear your thoughts on these animes. Have you ever experienced similar situations or do you have similar friends? What do you think of these animes?

My Thoughts

Love is some times beautiful and some times painful
Some times love can be a thorn for the one being loved.
When we love some one we end up hurting some others.
Expectations lead to despair
True love is where we don't expect others to do what you want
You have to love them without anything in return
That's love and this love can never break your heart
Basically love without expectations
is true love
Find some one similar and you could be the happiest person on earth

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