Monday, 15 December 2014

High School DXD BorN

The much awaited third season of the High School DXD series is about to release, April next year. The third season will be called High School DXD BorN. The B is wiriten in a way such that it look like 3. So far only a promotional video is released..

High School DXD BorN will be a 12 episode runner like the previous ones. The anime is a production of the light novel High School DXD autored by Ichiei Ishibumi. So far 19 volumes of this light novel has been released. High School DXD BorN will be the animation of  volume 5 and volume 6 like the previous ones, High School DXD and High School DXD New being volume 1 - volume 2 and volume 3 - volume 4 respectively. The fight with Sairaorg in the promotional video was a hype.

Unlike any other anime High School DXD has the unique ability to attract viewers to itself. Although the anime is based on an ecchi genera, this anime has the build up of a romantic comedy. 2 OVA's and 6 Special episodes are also released. The OVA's are the continuation of the first season. Both the seasons of this anime has been completely dubbed and has topped in viewers list. To be true the dubbed version runs far from the real version. In fact I must say that the dubbed version is an embodiment of sexual comedy. Honestly the subbed version is the best when compared. For those of you who are yet to watch this anime I must say "you don't know what you are missing as an OTAKU". The links are down below, you can watch and download using any device. If you country don't allow you to view this page use the chrome extension 'hola'.

High School DXD, High School DXD New and High School DXD BorN Watch and Download
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The links for both subbed and dubbed versions are on the same page

And for those of you who have watched the anime countless times and haven't read the light novel, I will be happy to inform you that you are gonna love it. Its mind blowing. You can either click the link below or for android users search for bakareader ex in play store. You will get an entire Light Novel library in your pocket.

High School DXD Light Novel
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Not done yet, Volume 18 is in translation phase. The translation is done by Code-Zero. Those who wish to read the Volume 18
Enjoy OTAKU's

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