Saturday, 18 July 2015


Usually I don't post articles on new animes until they are finished airing. This way I can analyze the anime before recommending them. But this one is totally mind blowing.

Mature Action Anime is what I should say about this anime. Most of the animes focuses on children so mostly the protagonist is a teenager trying to save the world or is on an important mission or is trying desperately to win this beloved girl. But this anime is nothing of that sort. This anime targets on the older otakus. The story is taking place in a city which is ravaged by gangsters and smugglers. Nicolas our protagonist and Worick, his partner does all sort of odd jobs but manages to stay on the good side of the cops.

                                  Although Nic and Worick work in underworld they do care for those in need. This makes them hero's in one sense, but their innate nature cannot be changed. They do what they please. Their every day life and their past is all this anime is about. Due to certain circumstances a girl was picked up and is now living with them. What her past was, will be reveled later on, probably.

                                                          So far only three episodes have been aired but I can see the vibe that this anime is the coolest of all the action anime so far. Surely there is no other anime that is this good, that is in action genera. This year second seasons and third seasons of many animes were released, but all anticipations were in vain. High School DXD BorN was a let down among the fans. As it strayed too much from the original Light Novel. Nisekoi still wrapped itself with daily lives of protagonists. Only some anime like Fate/Stay, Grisaia no Kajitsu had kept its feel. So this anime comes in as an unexpected guest with high potential. Those who like to read be happy as there is a manga version available. Definitely a must watch anime.

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