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After Sword Art Online, Accel World and Log Horizon here comes another anime with a same background. Still have a rejuvenating atmosphere.

Like SAO, Accel World and Log Horizon, Overlord is an MMORPG anime, with well defined characters and in Overlord the game is called Yggdrasil. Although it is similar in MMORPG sense to SAO, Accel World and Log Horizon it has a different base story which makes it pleasant for anime viewers. The anime is still airing and only 3 episodes are aired so far, Romance genera lovers who are expecting it to be like SAO I will be disappointed like the same way when they expected some romance in SAO II. Still the possibility for romance is not nil.

The make over of the protagonist is the most weird of them all. Usually, no not its always, the make up of the protagonist is made most elegant but here, the protagonist is a skeleton with a wand and an overcoat, which is funny but also makes the overlord something realistic. Besides him, the other entities in the game are his subordinate NPC's. Albedo is one among them.

Albedo, is the most powerful NPC and is madly in love with Momonga (Overlord). What made that possible is the last minute change in the coding of Albedo written by one of Overlords friend (previously Albedo was coded as  Bitch). If it had been left as it was we could have expected a lot more ecchiness out of this anime.

Albedo in armour

The  introduction of Albedo in her armour was staged in the third episode. The design of the armour reminds me of Kuroyukihime dubbed as Black Lotus of Accel World and it is one of the coolest armour that a girl protagonist wears. So it is a fact that this anime is the by product of the rest of the MMORPG anime, but with more depth and details. For those who love reading, there is a Light Novel available.

Black Lotus

Yggdrasil is about to be shutdown and only few of the high level players have logged on for the last minute commemoration. Our protagonist Momonga (name not specified) decides to stay until the game closes itself. But to his astonishment the game some how continues to function. He finds that his consciousness is trapped in the avatar he is playing and no way of logging out in any way possible. What's more the NPC's have gained their own personalities and have a distinct thought processing. Not only that they even have all the 5 senses and the libido too.

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