Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Prison School

Good news for all perverts. An anime just for them. I watched the first two episodes and felt like its worth sharing it with others.

Totally a pervert anime. This is the best in the ecchi genera that's what I felt after watching this anime. Without a doubt this anime is the ecchiest anime of this season. Now you might be thinking about Monster Musume but it is far more less perverted. This anime totally nailed it. Defined a new set of rules for ecchi category. Ecchiness not always lies in exposing boobs or panties, it lies in the context where it happens. Prison School beautifully managed to follow that rule. Hats off to that.

                                         A must watch anime for all those who love ecchi and comedy genera. Note that only 2 episodes have been aired so far and I am not sure myself how this anime will end up. All I can say now is that this is worth a while. This anime is a lot fun to watch. If you are willing to watch something to cool you down then go for it. A pleasant viewing experience is what I got from this anime. This anime is the adaptation of the manga series prison school. Those who love to read, head over to your favorite manga sites and start reading.

                                                          5 boys enters a school which up until now was girls only. But due to their desire to peek into girls bath they end up in school prison. The underground student council which manages the school is run by the chairman's daughter and a feminist Mari Kurihara. Her hatred for male is born out of her fathers perverseness. At first they were put under the watch full eye of the underground student council vice president Meiko Shiraki but it turns out to be an S&M play for the boys. Next underground student council secretary joins in. Will she be any helpful in controlling these boys. Find out.

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