Friday, 31 July 2015

Must have apps for an Otaku

Learning Japanese is the cherished dream and a life long ambition of every otaku. But learning a language is not only tough but also time consuming. And here we are talking about Japanese which is one of the hardest of languages. But I found the right solution to deal with these problems.

Not long ago I posted an article on Must have Apps for an otaku. But later on I discovered there is something more suitable than the previous ones. So hence the second article on apps.

Anime Mobile

Earlier we used the apps called Anime Notify for anime notification and Animania for viewing anime on your mobile. But now we have another app that substitutes both the above apps. Anime Mobile not only gives you timely notification of your favorite animes but also lets you watch animes. Unlike animania, Anime Mobile has a very refreshing UI and it also has a search option, which was a drawback in animania. The app also has a genera search feature. All these features lead me to choose Anime Mobile over anime notify and animania.
Download:-  Anime Mobile

Manga Reader

Manga Zone is a nice app but still it did not had a complete database of mangas. For example try searching Gangsta. or Prison School it's sad that it they are not listed not even Monster Musume. Manga Reader is different from what you get on play store. Truth is, it is not listed on play store, due to policy issues it is no longer available. Manga Reader lets you read manga in various languages the database include EN, RU, ES, IT, DE, FR, VI. Means if you are a Russian you can choose the RU manga source to read manga in Russian. Manga Reader has a well formed UI and it is also the most rugged manga reader. It never crashed during testing and was pretty fast in loading images. This app lets you read manga without downloading them and if you wish to download, you can do so without any trouble. Apart from listing manga this app gives timely notifications on new chapter updates. All these are available without any ads. Hence this app scores above manga zone.
Download:-  Manga Reader


It is the desire of every Otaku to learn Japanese. Because they are the ones that find it difficult to understand whats going on in anime without subtitles. There are plenty of apps available for learning Japanese and I have tried most of them even their pro versions. But never was I able to learn Japanese from them. Memrise is a language teacher you can choose any language you want to learn. Of course Japanese is the one needed and it is listed too. This app teaches you Japanese from the basics. It teaches you kanji characters, how they are pronounced and also how they are written.  The UI is great and the teaching course are smooth and are easy to learn. Japanese is hard to learn but don't give up yet, this app is your way to mastering Japanese.
Download:-  Memrise

In future there may be apps with many more features. At least for now these are the best apps for an Otaku.

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