Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Golden Time

As a romance genera lover Golden Time has always been one of my personal favorite. This anime makes one calm and makes your heart warm. It never gives you a reason to complain about.

Animes like this is pretty rare to come by and they create a great storm among the otakus. What makes this anime unique is that this anime feels real. There are sad times as well as good times and this anime presents all of it in a new way. The anime flows smoothly with out any hitch and every episode are connected together perfectly.

Simply speaking the anime is about a girl named Kaga Kouko who is oversensitive in matters of love and Tada Banri who has lost all his memories recently during an accident. The anime unfolds, how their relation progresses and the problems that occur when Banri's memories return. Although we expect it to be a tragedy, but the vast plot takes it smoothly and make it into a comedy.

The anime packs a lot of emotional punches and certainly make your eyes wet at some point.This anime is recommended for all those who love romance genera and for those who love to experience some emotional stress. And after watching please let your friends know about this anime and prompt them to watch it.

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