Sunday, 9 August 2015

Saikano | She; The Ultimate Weapon

I am terribly sorry, for I missed to include this anime in my previous article on 'Best Sad Animes Ever'. I watched this anime some time back and totally forget about it until one of my friend brought this title as a recommendation to me. And I wanted to share it with you guys almost quickly as soon as I remembered it. So this article is for those of you who hadn't got time to watch this anime up until now and for those who are wondering "should I watch it or skip it".

First of all I have to say this "DON'T GO FOR THE ANIMATION". Although this anime lacks in animation it has backed it up with a great story. This anime had me in its spell for several days. If you want to shed some tears this anime is definitely your choice.

Like I said earlier some animes need a warm up time before it gives of a vibrant colour of emotions. So hang up until then and you will experience a range of emotions (all these are coming from my personal experience and can't be sure for others). But still this anime will spark your emotions and make your heart pound.

Humans have gained knowledge and have been using it in various fields including warfare. Without caring for humanity they do everything which pleases them even if it means to take away the freedom of innocent kids. This anime is the story of such a child who has been striped away of her freedom, her love and her senses. This anime is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all anime lovers.

Shuuji and Chise are third year students at a high school in Hokkaido. The shy Chise finally confess her love to Shuuji, and the two started exchanging diaries (although uncertain about the relation). One day, Shuuji tries to escape from a sudden enemy air raid on Sapporo. While desperately escaping from the air raid, Shuuji sees a scene that he could not forget for his life. He sees Chise, with a huge weapon looking as if it was part of her hand, shooting the enemy fighters down one by one.

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